Dmitry Samokhin and Anatoly Smorgonskiy Combine Assets in New Holding Company Ambite
Entrepreneurs Dmitry Samokhin, Anatoly Smorgonskiy and co-investors have agreed to merge their information technology assets to create a new holding company that will be operating under the logo Ambite, consisting of the company group: А1 Systems, National Center for the Internet of Things, Revolta Engineering and several other companies; some of the assets will be restructured. The holding company will be focused going forward on two areas: expanding its product line and international development.
Ambite will be handling the sales of the constituent companies, develop their business and perform work-support functions. The shareholders will also specify those assets during restructuring that will preserve their autonomy and coordinate the development of their product line. The holding company will develop and implement comprehensive IT solutions based on advanced digital economy technology like the Internet of things (IoT), Big Data and mobile advertising, indoor positioning, mobile identification and authorization, fintech, cybersecurity, etc. “Our products and solutions are aimed first and foremost at large international banks and telecommunications companies, so we plan to break into international markets going forward. The shareholders are planning to build up the management team in order to realize their plans. The consulting company Wooster Hound will be handling the search to recruit top personnel, including a general director for the group, a director for international development, a compliance director, and a communications director”, Olga Kurdakova commented. As Dmitry Samokhin observed: «We expect to complete the formation of the holding company in one year, and a Board of Directors will be formed to improve corporate management at Ambite, with one representative for each shareholder, including Olga Kurdakova (co-owner and current general director of A1 Systems) and two independent directors. Anatoly Smorgonskiy will chair the Board. “We already have a few joint projects with Dmitry. We feel that the products designed by our companies complement each other perfectly, enabling us to come up with innovative solutions. The market dictates the advisability of combining into one holding structure. It makes it possible to jointly work on enhancing the R&D team. This means that we will be able to release new products to the market more quickly while reducing delays through eliminating duplication of functions and promotion expenses”, Anatoly Smorgonskiy commented about the merger.